what makes whoo(pie)

Soo you’ve been educated on what a whoo(pie) is but you may be curious what ingredients are used. Some are a few of my favorite things.

But by far one of the tastiest and very local producers I lean on is Artisana. Fine perfectgcproducer of raw nut butter, coconut butter and oil. They were awesome enough to send me a sample box to taste all of their scrumptious butters. I was lucky enough to surprisingly receive a full size jar of pecan butter and coconut butter, my two absolute favorites (yum!) As well, I received pouches of macadamia butter, cashew butter, cocoa butter (double yum!) Artisana’s tahini is also a household favorite for me. It makes for great salad dressing and pasta sauce.

Since I don’t use powdered sugar or vegetable shortening in the flobrproplrilling of whoo(pie)s, raw nut butters combined with dates make the most decadent concoction. Not to mention healthier, more satisfying and easier on the blood sugar. Switch your New Year’s resolution from a diet into a healthy eating habit! Eat that UP!

I’ll be back at the Noe Valley Farmers Market every Saturday, 8am-1pm. 24th Street between Vicksburg/Sanchez. Across from Martha Bros Coffee & David’s Tea.



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