these are a few of my favorite things…

I’ve certainly spent plenty of money trying gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, blah, blah products and felt- blah! So here are some of my favorite purchases & recommendations. Feel free to add yours!

Always in my kitchen:

Food for Life Yeast-Free Multi-Seed Bread.
Seriously SO good.
Try their brown rice bread as well…
the closest thing to a gluten-free sourdough out there!


Food for Life Millet Bread
If you don’t mind the yeast,
this bread is soo yummy and
a great option for rotating your grains!


JK Gourmet Blanched Almond Flour is a great
substitute for gluten free baking.
It has a yummy flavor & makes excellent
cookies that you don’t need to use any
other starch/flour in combination with.
Unfortunately, this is just hard to find! Sorry Bob’s Red Mill, Elana is right, you just don’t work for cakes & muffins 😦

Navitas Cocoa Powder is raw & stuffed full of antioxidants! I actually find that if I eat it too late in the day, it can keep me up. Good for you energy! Use it for baking, raw macaroons, or put a tablespoon in a shake! Navitas also makes other fabulous superfoods too! Chia seeds, hemp seeds, maqui berries- oh my!

Enjoy Life is an entire brand dedicated to allergen-free products. They do use cane juice but you won’t find any gluten, corn, dairy, egg, nuts, or soy here- it’s the only brand of chocolate chips out there without soy!! The mini-chips are nice but I actually emailed them a few months ago to see if they ever thought about making regular sized chips. I even considered buying some molds to make my own! But alas- I just noticed they have mega chunks on their site! I’ll definitely be trying those. I have tried some of their other products- did not love their granola, cookies are ok- the lemon is my favorite, snickerdoodle runner up.

Authentic Foods superfine brown rice flour is fabulous and worth ordering online. It makes the most delicious baked goods because of it’s light texture. Found this recommendation in the Allergen-Free Baker’s Handbook. It does call for potato-starch so now I’m working on my own ratio of almond flour, rice flour, and arrowroot starch.

Other Favorites:

Coconut Secret Aminos is the ONLY
substitute for soy sauce!
Wheat-free, way lower sodium, and raw!!

Coconut Secret also makes Coconut Nectar… raw & a healthy alternative to agave. Can’t wait to try it!

Mmm… and coconut flour is soo tasty. Also has good protein and makes a great substitute or part addition to brown rice flour in baking! I’ve also tried the coconut crystals in baking, for cookies. They seemed good, no noticeable different from regular crystal sugar- just a little better for you!

Coconut Bliss Ice Cream
the only dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free
ice cream out there! More stuff made from
coconuts, apparently an amazing food! My favorite
flavor is chocolate hazelnut but they have
4 new flavors to tempt me with-
mocha maca crunch- my mouth is already watering! I haven’t tried a flavor from Luna & Larry that I didn’t like!


Daiya makes great macaroni & cheese if you are craving some comfort food! Just make sure to pick up some brown rice noodles! & broccoli! If you are feeling motivated you can make your own sauce with nutritional yeast (go B vitamins!) & So Delicious coconut milk! The brand also makes a super yummy yogurt for dairy-free fans! The chocolate flavor is a real treat but I find the plain is sweet enough to eat with granola in the morning.

If you aren’t into making your own ‘milks’ then try Tempt hemp milk! I LOVE the unsweetened vanilla, but I always for for plain almond milk, always unsweetened. Choose your own preference! My only complaint is that the container isn’t recyclable.

Living Intentions has ingredible raw granola,
even the hemp isn’t too ‘green’ flavored! Wish they made it without raisins. The blueberry acai is awesome! I’m partial to currants anyway. Don’t forget to find their raw nuts! The mesquite maple walnuts are soo tasty,
it’s hard not to eat the entire bag!

Liz Lovely’s cookies are only sold at
Rainbow & Real Food Co on Polk in SF,
for now. They are pretty amazing so it’s
a shame I can’t eat them anymore
because of the potato starch 😦
Snickerdoodle is the best! Maybe it’s better, to else I’d order them by the case!

When I first heard about Sunshine burgers, my world felt complete. A soy-free veggie burger? My list wasn’t doomed afterall! All of the flavors I’ve tried are delicious. The garden herb is great on top of a salad, so is the southwest if you add some avocado and a splash of salsa. Mmmm….

Traditional Medicinals is a favorite tea brand,
next to Yogi tea (I ❤ the messages on the tag!)
My cabinet always has their lavender chamomile tea. It saved my life a few times when I had tummy aches, it also helps me relax, but I can even handle it during the daytime without feeling like I need a nap.


Some of my other favorites, I make myself: pecan butter, raw crackers,
and I always have some fresh spinach & avocados on hand!

I’m sure there are more favorites but this is a start!

Coming up soon- a review of gluten-free beers. I believe I’ve tried them all!


3 thoughts on “these are a few of my favorite things…

  1. Enjoy Life makes the most amazing gluten-free cookies. So far I’ve tried the chocolate brownie and snickerdoodles. YUM! And I love So Delicious coconut milk creamer. Their coconut milk ice cream is off-the-charts incredible, too!

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