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Your cupcakes rocked!

Your cupcakes were soooooo good!  They were super moist and delicious!

I could eat a whole batch!

@ButtercupSF ❤ Eating up that #vegan german #chocolate whoo(pie) to spark my run! :p, #Yum #NoeValleyFarmersMarket

For a nice little write-up on what you SHOULD be eating:

I’d like to start this post by stating that I am NOT vegan or vegetarian. With that on the table, there is something AMAZING about food that is vegan that does not taste like cardboard.

This San Francisco – based dessert company prides itself on being both vegan (and, I mean REALLY vegan) and damn good. I had the pleasure of having some Bourbon Chocolate Cupcakes not too long ago, and I would gladly eat vegan desserts forever. The chef and company owner, Autumn Long, hails from Memphis with the need for sweets in her blood. read more… 


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