healthy baking in Cape Town

Oh boy.. banting is HUGE here. It’s very similar to paleo- low carb, high fat, full of nuts & coconut oil & bacon.

What about those of us, like myself, that don’t do well eating nuts or lots of meat. Why isn’t there a name for my diet yet? Surely it’ll pop up soon…

Xylitol is the biggest sweetener I’ve found here. It’s the most commonly used, esp in banting-friendly baked goods. Maple syrup, my preference, is even more expensive than in the States, of course because it’s imported. I did find Vegi-Fructose which I feel hesitant about tho I bought it & tried it. My review- it’s super sweet so you need less! I like to mix it partially with the maple syrup so I get plenty of sweetness with the richness of maple syrup & less of the spiky blood sugar effect from fructose.

Even the government seems to be concerned…

“While the sugar-free trend has also led to an increase in the use of non-nutritive sweeteners, the government is looking to limit the dependence of thefood and beverage industry on such sweeteners.”

Read more from a write-up about the future of non-nutritive sweeteners in South Africa!

My other biggest challenge is baking & food prep without the luxuries of home- my beloved Vitamix, Cuisinart 9 cup food processor & endless supply of mixing bowls. Le sigh.



Sooo… what’s next? What can I experiment with moving forward? I want to try some local products. Maybe the abundant fruit. Guava? Or maybe buchu. I hear it’s really sweet, a bit weird but packed with health benefits.

Stay tuned for more… and check out Instagram (@gfbuttercup) for my fun finds in South Africa!



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