Do you miss me? (aka: where are the organic veggies?!)



A chapter closed.. but the book isn’t done being written. Farewell Noe Valley Farmers Market.

So long San Francisco.

Hello Cape Town! Is that you, South Africa?

Wow. We are really here. This is happening.



Yes it is. And I’m settling in nic20150530_103053ely. Today I made super yummy carrot muffins & am attempting to stock up on food, which has been more challenging than expected. Thankfully I brought lots of my own baking ingredients & supplies. What I really need are more veggies. The local healthfood store, Wellness Warehouse, isn’t as stocked up in the produce dept tho the Oranjezicht market on Saturday has become my favorite (where all the pictures are from). And by mid-week when I run out, I signed up for a veggie box delivery from Think Organic on Wednesdays.


So far, my tips/experiences while traveling internationally with special dietary concerns:

  • 20150530_111845Do as much pre-research as possible. It helped soo much to know a few close places I could go on my first day to feed myself.
  • Drink plenty of water!
  • Find the farmers market! Make friends with your food producers!
  • Have local currency on hand. Find out if your bank/credit card charges conversion fees.. and make sure to tell them you are visiting a new place
  • Know that it may be possibly challenging to eat your ‘ideal’ meal. Feed yourself for nourishment, not always for fulfillment.. but hopefully for satisfaction.
  • Have fun! Remember to smile! It helps the hangry from taking over 🙂

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