The countdown…

Some of you may have heard, I’m bidding a very fond farewell to the Noe Valley Farmers Market at the end of this month. That means you’ve still got 3 weeks to visit me. For my sweet regulars, I’ll still be making bread & treat deliveries in April.

‘What’s up with this?!’ you’re asking? I will be away for 3-4+ months this summer doing what I love best in Cape Town, South Africa- cooking, baking, exploring food & healing. For those of you that are willing to get a little weird with me, I told the universe I didn’t want to be in San Francisco on my 10 year anniversary this July. And poof! My partner got a great teaching opportunity this summer & the company offered to buy my plane ticket as well. So ok, yea, of course I said I’m in! Going away in this fashion- leaving everything behind- is a bit scary. But it feels right.
My health hasn’t been super great & I am excited to take this time for myself to rejuvenate & make space to figure out what my next steps are. They may or may not be in San Francisco but they’ll always be towards a kitchen.Doughbies

Since I’ll have more time- expect more blogging! Stay tuned this Summer for updates, fun food finds & exciting pictures of my adventures. I hear we’re even going shark cage diving. Wow!

Lots of yummy love to everyone for supporting me in this transition & all of the encouragement along the way. It’s been a really fabulous 2 & a half years at the market. I’ll miss everyone!

Until then, please come visit the market the next 3 Saturdays. My final day will be Saturday March 28. I anticipate bringing lots of our favorites- gingerbread, apple scones, paleo chocolate chip whoo(pie)², meyer lemon bars, sunflower chocolate chip cookie cake, lavender shortbread, oatmeal raisin cookies & much more… plus my friend gifted me a huge bin of vintage aprons so I’ll be showcasing a new one each week!



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