Advanced Allergy Solutions

For the last few months of 2014, I felt pretty miserable. My eczema had resurfaced & my digestion was really unhappy. I felt like I did back in 2009 when I got my first allergy test done, but I’m not eating gluten or dairy plus a myriad of other things. Maybe you read my last blog about this journey…

So I decided to try Advanced Allergy Solutions. They have really great Yelp reviews. Not that I rely on Yelp for things but when the majority of people report feeling better after treatments. I certainly wasn’t looking for another diagnosis but for a potential treatment. Food journaling, elimination dieting & trying to track down the culprit(s) was not much success. My intuition was coconut and/or nuts. Cutting them out only mildly helped & I was left feeling soo hungry. Especially after avoiding sugars & fruits. Ahh! So here it goes:

First appt: Dec 30

Positive reactions to: cats, dogs, dust & dust mites, grass, trees, weeds, pollen, glutamates, enzymes, preservatives, corn, eggs, dairy, gluten, histamine, sugar. And a confirmative reaction to nuts including coconut, sunflower & oils. I asked her to specifically test me for these things, except the oils. I had mentioned I didn’t feel like I digested fats well. Apparently, I know my body.

Treatment: Sugar

Sure, I’ll get treated for sugar. I didn’t suspect that was a culprit but apparently a lot of us are reactive to it- even if we aren’t eating it. Sugar is in everything- basically anything that isn’t protein. And for the first couple of hours after your treatment, you can’t eat what you were treated for. And I was hungry! And I was avoiding nuts. So now what?! Sleep…. zzZzz

The next day I woke up so very sick. Yay. On New Years eve. I went to sleep around 8:30pm, woke up to hear the fireworks & feel my dog jump in bed with me quivering with unhappiness. I couldn’t believe I had only been asleep just over 3 hours. Man, this cold was BAD. I could tell it was already going to be like the old days- a nasty sinus infection that would take a while to leave.

I spent the next week in bed. Thankfully with a lot of time off. I even missed a farmers market. And then eventually went back to allergy solutions. She said it was unlikely that my cold was a side effect of my treatment. Who knows? I had prepaid for 3 treatments so I figured it was worth seeing what could happen with my health in hopes my reactions to the treatments weren’t severe. In the next week, I went back for my remaining 2 visits- glutamates. It’s not just MSG, ya’ll. It’s in a lot of vegetables & some fruits so ok, maybe that makes sense. Next treatment- corn. Wow. I never suspected being allergy to corn.

I decided to take some time to see how my body felt. I think I felt better. My reactions after treatments were always mild. My eczema was a little better. Overall, I couldn’t pinpoint what was changing but I wanted to try more treatments. So I went back for 3 more rounds. Salicyaltes, mold/fungus, & histamine. I was excited for salicylates because they are present in a lot of fruits. Maybe this is my miracle treatment! Helpful for sure but definitely again hard to pinpoint where the exact turnaround was. Histamine was a scary treatment for me- not due to any reactions in my body but the description: during an allergic reaction, histamine is released into the body. And I’m reactive to that histamine. So basically I’m allergic to myself during an allergic reaction. Of course I am. But wait? That sounds like the beginning of an auto-immune disorder. Yikes. I definitely want to keep taking care of myself & eating an anti-inflammatory diet. I hoped the histamine treatment was another miracle treatment too!

So now what? The treatments aren’t cheap (about $84 each depending on how many you buy each time) but I was feeling better… I waited another couple of weeks to feel the changes in my body. Then I decided to go back once more.

The practitioners test each time to see if your last treatment was successful & to see what your body seems to be reacting to most highly at that time. And they ask if you have a preference between a dietary or respiratory reactor. I switched from dietary to respiratory (molds/dust mites) after several food treatments & noticing my eczema/digestive disruptions had subsided. Now I was feeling a bit congested again. Will this end? Alas, I had noted a marked decrease in the level of inflammation in my body. My immune system was kicking in at least.

Remaining treatments- digestive enzymes (great! more things in my own body that I’m reactive to! Yes! Let’s fix it!)

Dairy (omg! Will I actually be able to eat it again? I’m too nervous to try. I’ll let you all know later if it worked). I did feel very tired & not great the week after my dairy treatment which could’ve also been related to me introducing a few nuts in my diet. Not a good idea.

Finally on March 5, after 2 months of visits- Coconut! The cool part about treatments is learning about what is going on during my visit. They test for the different components of a food (and even all the different types of dust mites & digestive enzymes- there’s a lot apparently). I was shown to be reactive to gallic acid which is also in flax seeds & blueberries as well as some other fatty acids & lipids. My positivity grew & I felt lighter. Maybe this is an umbrella type treatment that rolls over into helping me be less reactive to some other foods. I can’t quite tell yet but I’ll definitely update you all as I try more foods.

Overall, visiting Advanced Allergy has been soo beneficial, especially after about 4 visits. I’ll probably go back to get treated for nuts. I don’t anticipate being able to eat nuts everyday & that isn’t their goal, but they do hope to help people indulge once every now & again (I’ll save it for those social outings or when I’m really starving and not able to make my own food). If my reactions are negligible during those times, then it’s really all been worth it. At this point during my food & health adventures, I’ve grown accustomed to avoiding dairy, eggs, nuts & gluten, and much prefer eating fresh foods. I intend to keep this way of eating (call it a diet, it’s a lifestyle choice- not a food death sentence!).


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