Once allergic, Always allergic?

I’ve been an ‘allergic-type’ most of my life. Hay fever, itchy eyes, the works. It didn’t stop my family from having pets- we had dogs & cats. Took a break for a while when they passed & filled our love for animals with fish & birds. My mom never used detergents with scent nor allowed us to live in a place with carpet. I was breastfed for a while & ate whole wheat sandwiches with the crust. I remember watching people eating Twinkies & Doritos out of single serving bags. Who were their parents?! I came from a health-conscious team. That wasn’t enough to protect me apparently.

My first food allergy test was 2009. Gluten, dairy, soy, eggs. You all remember that story right? It’s how Buttercup was born. I began baking my own treats. When I didn’t feel good again all of a sudden, I began a food journal to track my symptoms & nagged potato the suspect. I had been eating a lot of potato starch since it’s a highly recommended part of traditional gluten free baking. When I cut it out, my eczema went away & I healed.

Fast forward 5 years, eczema returns. Digestive disruptions are occurring. I would often think ‘I should just be eating gluten if I’m going to feel this crappy.’ Food journaling wasn’t helping this time. I suspected coconut but really?! I must be really good at manifesting for that to happen. I’ve always said if I was ever allergic to coconut I’d be heartbroken. Afterall, the german chocolate whoo(pie)² was my first creation. My favorite cake as a little girl with those yummy crunchy pieces of coconut & pecans in the sweet frosting. Swoon. Ahem. Ok, so back to my story- I contacted Dr Cory Reddish, my favorite Naturopath, to see what my options were. A food intolerance panel. Ok, sure. I’ll try a new test. I can’t figure this out on my own this time. After cutting out the coconut, the eczema went down but not completely. It’s been going on too long. Months. I felt reactive to oats, nuts & maybe even sunflower.

Results: a potato/grain intolerance. Don’t eat them together. As a matter of fact, don’t eat them even as close as 5 hours apart. Not surprising but ok.

More results: Fruit. Don’t eat fruit. No strawberries, apples, COCONUT, cashews, dates, olive oil, grapeseed oil, lemon.. ect.


Ok, so at first it didn’t seem like a big deal. I don’t eat a ton of fruit. But I do use coconut oil, cashews, dates, oils & fruit in the treats I make for you & me. Often. And I have (edit:had!) warm lemon water every morning.

I’ll try it. I’m tired of feeling crappy so I’ll tried it.

That worked. Briefly. But I was hungry. And cranky. And still not well.

So I seek more answers. Why isn’t my body responding to all these probiotics, daily green juices & healing I’ve offered? Why am I adding more things to the list of foods I should avoid? Who else out there feels the same in their path of health?

Stay tuned for more on my quest & adventures with Advanced Allergy Solutions…

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