homemade body scrub

Not only do I love concocting my own creations in the kitchen, I love to make my own beauty products. There are too many weird ingredients out there that I don’t want in my body or on my body.

So here’s a super simple recipe you can give you to yourself or that special person in your life this mother’s day.

Simple Body Scrub

you’ll need:

  • larger size jar (save one you currently have scrub in!)
  • 1 cup sea salt
  • 3/4 cup sesame, jojobo or sweet almond oil
  • 8ish drops essential oil of a favorite fragrance *If you are sensitive to smell or prefer a lighter scent, put in 4 to start, close the cap & then swirl around. Open & smell. Test a little on your hand to see how it smells. Add 2 more drops at a time until your desired fragrance is reached.

My favorite smells:
patchouli sweet orange (3 drops sweet orange, 2 patchouli)
clary sage sweet orange really great for morning showers to perk you up!
amber rose (3 drops rose, 4-5 amber)
jasmine white ginger

If you’re local, I’ll be at the Noe Valley Farmers Market tomorrow. Pick up a sweet treat for you, your mom, wife, daughter, cousin, neice or neighbor!


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