the gluten-free athlete

In case you didn’t know, one thing I do love besides gluten-free baking, is running. It helps me clear my head, sweat it out so I can get back to business. In the past year, running & other exercises have been put on hold while my inflammed peroneal tendon healed. Maintaining a gluten-free, anti-inflammatory clean diet has tremendously helped. I’m looking forward to running my first half-marathon in over 2 years! I felt inspired to share a little more about how easy being a gluten-free athlete can be.

Vega by Brendan Brazier, a popular vegan & gluten-free triathlete, is a dietary staple in my house. The shake is tasty, mixed with Billy’s Infinity Greens, hemp seeds & almond milk or water. Keeps me full & happy in the morning or after a workout. Brendan’s original cookbook, The Thrive Diet, was one of the first I found after being diagnosed with food sensitivities since he also avoids soy. Awesome collection of recipes for crackers, energy bars & salad dressings. You won’t get bored.

I’m excited to check out his newer book Thrive Foods: A Collection of 200 Plant Based Recipes

Competitor Magazine has a quite article & interview called Running Gluten Free in the January 2013 issue. You can find it at See Jane Run in Noe Valley (across from the Noe Valley Farmers Market! and Sports Basement stores). They make mention of a few gluten-free energy bars/chews like Bonk Breakers which I’ve heard are tasty from a few cyclist friends of mine as well as Honey Stinger chews (for those of you that aren’t strict vegans). All the tasty treats you need during your workout can be found at Sports Basement. Love that place.

Many athletes can’t get past the ‘what about carbs?’ when you mention gluten-free or ‘what about protein?’ when you mention vegan. But what about quinoa, buckwheat, beans & all the other foods out there? What about whipping up a tasty batch of almond flour cookies when your sweet tooth calls? So long as you also focus your diet on lots of fresh (preferably organic) veggies & some fruits instead of too many gluten-free substitutes. I know, Buttercup is one of them but I still watch out for treats that have too much sugar or less than desirable ingredients, like cornstarch or vegetable shortening.

Diet is only part of what keeps me healthy. Movement helps our blood flow so we can sweat out toxins & keep our hearts strong. Make it a year-round resolution!


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