Whoopie: Getting Creative…

I found this amazing list and couldn’t resist sharing… Thanks to Making Whoopies: The Official Whoopie Cookbook. Not gluten-free or vegan but inspiring.
And informative- learn all about the history of whoopies. They aren’t from the South?! Shocking. There seems to be much debate between Mainers, Pennsylvanians, and Bostonians. Who wouldn’t want to claim they discovered whoopie?

Here’s my favorite version of how whoopie pies came to be: The confection got its name when Amish women packed the desserts for their children’s & husband’s lunches. They would invariably exclaim, “Whoopie!” when they opened their lunch boxes and found the chocolate treat. Yum.

10 Things to Do With Whoopie Pies

1 Eat WAY too many.
2 Have a food fight.
3 Shape and decorate them for holidays.
4 Use one as an edible pillow.
5 Enter in a whoopie-pie eating contest.
6 Serve them at your wedding as an alternative to cake.
7 Build a whoopie pie tower (to devour).
8 Play a game of edible checkers.
9 Hollow it out on top for a votive candleholder.
10 Freeze them for frozen treats.

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