anatomy of whoopie …

I get a lot of questions from people wondering what whoopie pies are…now maybe it’s because I grew up in the South or maybe it’s just because I like cookies but not necessarily cupcakes, I made this creation.

Basically I take 2 cookies and fill them with some sort of healthy deliciousness… and whoopie! Normally the cream centers are made with powdered sugar and who knows what else. But Buttercup aims to provide healthy whole food alternatives that are just as even more satisfying. Everything you’ll taste from me is gluten-free, soy-free, potato-free, vegan, contains no refined flours/sugars with mostly organic ingredients that have been locally produced. Sustainable delight.

Take my twist on german chocolate cake for example. Macadamias and dates make the base, combined with shredded coconut and pecans for a raw, vegan replacement. Put that between 2 amazingly tasty  chocolate cookies and Whew. That’s a mouthful! Eat it UP!
questions anyone?

I’ll be making whoo(pie) @…

Prepare for the Playa
Sunday August 5th
12 – 7 pm
complete with a Full Street Festival!
Cafe Cocomo 650 Indiana St
Free Entry! Free Parking! Music! Fashion Show! Costumes a’plenty!

Absinthe Ball
Friday August 10
Absinthe? You guessed it! Cocktails & whoo(pie)! What more could you ask for? This event is sure to be fabulous. A garden theme so come dressed in your best costume. The event location will be announced 24 hours before the event. Let your minds wander… It’s only $5-10 donation to get in.

Beyond the Fence
Saturday August 11
1-7 pm
Mighty 119 Utah St
Oh goodness… Buttercup will be tired from the Absinthe Ball the night before but you can look forward to Free Entry! Free Parking! Djs! Unique items! and Whoo(pie)!

Don’t forget you can also find german chocolate whoo(pie)² at Om Shan Tea on 14th St near Mission in San Francisco.



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