whoo(pie) around every corner…

You know you’ve been dying to try one of my famous whoo(pie)s! Or your mouth has been watering since the last time you had a bite of tasty chocolate cookies surrounding raw coconut pecan filling. Yum!

This Friday, Buttercup will be at Metta Dance.
8-1AM  at the Center in San Francisco. 548 Fillmore

Come dance, eat, drink (yummy tea- no alcohol!) and be more than merry… knowing it’s all healthy, while free of gluten, dairy, soy & eggs. Eat that UP!


In the meantime, while I’m searching for a permanent place to call whoo(pie)s home, find me elsewhere:

Beyond the Fence
Sunday July 8th & Saturday August 11
1-7 pm
Mighty 119 Utah St
Free Entry! Free Parking! Djs! Unique items!

Prepare for the Playa
Sunday July 15th & Sunday August 5th
12 – 7 pm
complete with a Full Street Festival!
Cafe Cocomo 650 Indiana St
Free Entry! Free Parking! Music! Fashion Show! Costumes a’plenty!

Just because Summer holds a fun season, don’t wait! Hope to see you more than once!


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