a review: Baby Cakes Covers the Classics

Whew! I survived San Francisco Small Business Week & am back!

I’d been to BabyCakes in NYC just after knowing my food allergy test results, hoping for a red velvet cupcake but they were all sold out. I can’t remember what kind I ended up trying but I was underwhelmed. The frosting was great but the cupcake was dry. Always still awesome to find gluten-free vegan AND soy-free treats for me!

Now onto that photo- doughnuts. The original recipe uses potato starch, which I avoid so I tried arrowroot only plus my usual blend. The doughnuts weren’t as fluffy which is where that tricky potato comes in handy! Bummer! They were still tasty and I really enjoyed getting creative. Of course I had to try a second time without any starches and the results were much more exciting! The cinnamon sugar is really my favorite… and I never really liked cake doughnuts before. I highly recommend enjoying them with a nice cup of coffee, hot cocoa, almond milk or anything you want to try dipping them in! Yum!

Bon Appetit wrote a mini-review and posted the full doughnut recipe here!

Overall, BabyCakes Covers the Classics is pretty great. It was a wide variety of treats for all levels of baking experience. The vanilla wafers are really easy to make (with kids too!) and I’m looking forward to trying out the Irish soda bread and lace cookies.

Some things you might want to consider about this book:

  • a lot of the recipes use regular sugar, and as in cases for the doughnuts, the crystals give a better texture than using a liquid sweetener
  • most of the recipes call for Bob’s Red Mill flour blend, which I do not use but am happy to experiment with my own blend. *This is probably awesome for some of you out there that prefer to simplify! She made the cookbook friendly for all and Bob’s is easy to find at most grocery stores… even Safeway now!
  • many of the recipes use arrowroot & potato starch

Most likely I won’t be purchasing this book but that’s why I LOVE the library. It has been a fun inspiration. The book is well-written with lots of fun pictures and colors. It also has a great guidelines section that explains why she uses certain ingredients and some recommendations for substitutions. Read this section first!!! And then Eat it UP!

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