Buttercup as a holistic baker???

I never thought of what i do as holistic baking… then I came across this interview with Kasey Caletti, Culinary Curriculum Manager, Bauman College in Berkeley, CA.

Listen to Flour, Sugar and Fat: An Organic Conversation

First I’ll give props to Bauman College  for sparking my interest in the culinary arts (second to my mom & Dr Cory). It wasn’t until my food allergy results that I really got into cooking/baking without using gluten, soy & dairy/eggs. You may have heard but my background is in nutrition and I seriously considered attending Bauman’s Nutrition Consultant program. About a year ago I went to their open house, arriving just in time for the Natural Chef informational session but (honestly) having no interest in ‘food-service’.

Whoa did my opinion change. The nutrition consultant program sounded like everything I had learned in school before, especially also having my Master’s from UC Davis. Soo…. cooking? Learning more about gluten-free & vegan foods?! Yes!

Really, I had already been teaching myself all of this. I researched some other programs across the US but ended up not wanting to leave the Bay Area. How much more do I need to learn? Maybe I just wasn’t confidant enough to think I could actually start this venture on my own…

So here I am! Business license in hand, waiting for a chance to infiltrate the world, one whoo(pie) at a time!

In case you don’t have time, here’s a recap of the interview:

Holistic baking is the awesome experience of baking using whole foods while avoiding refined sugars and processed flours/ingredients.

Yes, I’m doing that. However, holisitic baking can also include non-vegan desserts using ‘happy’ eggs, high quality dairy products and the likes. The way we should eat, right?

After eating a wholistically-baked treat, you’ll most likely feel more satisfied even having a smaller portion… because this is REAL-FOOD! It is more delicious that you can even imagine. Just ask my new friends that have tried my amazing whoo(pie)s!

More tips from Kasey:

  • almond & other nut flours have great protein and the more finely ground will resemble a typical gluten mouth feel
  • higher fat flours like macadamia nuts are better suited for nut butters and not flours
  • best to use coconut flour in minimal amounts while mixed with arrowroot starch if not using eggs (I did know this by trial & error)
  • a great basic mix is sorghum, brown rice and a starch in order of greatest to least ratios
  • if you are nervous about using a liquid sugar, try maple, date or coconut sugar for a dry replacement
  • make your own liquid sweetener from dates: 1 cup dates blended well with 1 cup water. About half as sweet as agave but have great fiber & tryptophan
  • try tea seed oil as a fat/oil replacement (new to me!)
  • invite produce to your baking combinations- zucchini, pumpkin, fresh herbs.. yum, a savory scone with rosemary or sage anyone?
  • baking requires a sense of adventure! If something doesn’t come out- just have some friends over and put chocolate on top 🙂 LOVE that tip! I’ve spent a lot of money on ingredients and felt like I wasted time & resources
  • they talk a lot about rhubarb on the call- too much to type and you might need an incentive to listen on your own…

Kasey spent her time as a traditional pastry chef before transitioning to a new way of baking after seeing people unable to enjoy treats with gluten/eggs/ect. Check out her Culinary Adventures.


2 thoughts on “Buttercup as a holistic baker???

  1. Hey Buttercup! Sounds like you and me have a lot in common! We should get together and bake sometime! My contact info is on my website, if you’re interested in talking more. I’m very curious to try some of your recipes…. Keep up the (gluten-free) good work!

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