Metta Dance.. my experience and you’re invited!

A dance party with no alcohol, fun music, a loving atmosphere and most of all- ME! Just kidding, slightly… but I’m not that conceited.

Consider Metta Dance not your typical Saturday night outing. Where else can you go enjoy tea, treats, dancing and get educated on unique topics? All while feeling like you are in someone’s home, a large open house, but still a house party vibe with lots of smiling faces.

Buttercup will be providing vanilla whoo(pie)s with raw cashew chai filling and german chocolate whoo(pie)s with raw coconut-pecan filling (as usual always gluten-free, vegan and soy-free) along with raw lemon macaroons dusted with maca and raw cocoa-maca-roons. That’s a tasty mouthful. Hope you caught all that maca, a little extra superfood energy boost to keep you dancing!

548 Fillmore St. between Oak and Fell.
dj starts at 9pm
more details at

Hope to see you there!

Don’t just take it from Buttercup-

“Thank you for an absolutely fabulous time and warm welcome. Every city should have a Metta Dance! It’s an amazing and rare space. No better way to wind down the week than with tea & massage & great people. I had so missed dancing for sheer exhilaration and joy! Thank you so so much!”




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