Buttercup is green!

Happy Spring! Hope everyone had a fabulous, beautiful weekend in San Francisco… did you do something special for Earth Day?

As Buttercup prepares to enter the ‘real’ world of business, I have been inquiring what it really takes to be certified as a green business

I’ve always considered myself an environmentally conscious person. My trash goes into a paper bag (tho I do try to limit the paper bag collection I get) and my recycling gets dumped straight into the bin. Bulk bins are my friend, only with reusable bags. I’ve even found out the hard way that my bag has a small puncture, after noticing I’m leaving a trail of sea salt or garbanzo flour behind me.

Sometimes it really unnerves me to see people carelessly pulling plastic bags from the roll and putting two or three bananas inside. Do you really need a bag for that? Today I bought my leaf lettuce without putting it in a bag since I had forgotten mine.

Does that make me holierthanthou?

Most definitely not.

Sometimes life gets busy. We forget about ‘the bigger picture’. The world, the earth, the environment.

While we shop at Rainbow or Whole Foods, buying organic product and healthy, safe cleaning products. Don’t forget to keep Mother Earth in mind. Choose a compostable bag to load up your veggies with (they charge at Rainbow but Whole Foods doesn’t). Or pick up a small lunch sack, usually near the bulk foods or mushrooms. Tho they do leak out coconut flakes or get oiled up by hemp seeds. Can’t say I’ve never tried.

Onto the business front- I’m looking forward to packaging your goodies in compostable cellophane-like bags, using recycled parchment paper to bake on when needed and always recycle or compost my waste.

Let’s be honest- any food waste will be eaten, right?

Coming up soon- my adventures  with the blood type diet, a review of BabyCakes cookbook and …

Look forward to seeing you again this Saturday at Metta Dance!


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