Radish is a vegetable, true. Radish is also a restaurant on 19th @ Lexington in San Francisco.

After my rant about the disappointments of brunch, I sought out leads on places I could actually eat something other than eggs, bacon & pancakes.

First on my list- ahh. Coconut milk yogurt at Radish. They also have gluten-free pancakes (not vegan), gluten free bread from Mariposa (vegan too! used for slices or French toast) & almond milk if you’d like to treat yourself to a latte. Apparently, the server informed me there is a ‘secret’ menu but they were soo busy, I did not have enough time to pick her brain more. I’ll be back.

More places:

Plow– Almond flour pancakes? Probably not vegan but a gluten-free option still excites me

Dottie’s True Blue Cafe– Another secret menu. More not vegan but gluten-free pancakes (raspberry or blueberry cornmeal. I believe the flavors rotate)

Have a recommendation? Lemme know!


In other news, stay tuned for an update on Buttercup’s progress to take over the world, stay green, and feed more dancing maniacs…


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