what’s for dinner?

Craving pizza? Paxti’s has a gluten-free pizza crust!

It’s soy-free and vegan but not potato free. I tried it anyway. Delicious.
The crust is thin but not like tortilla crunchy thin. It’s chewy and quite tasty.

If you have been missing pizza, I recommend you try it. They also have soy cheese & daiya for a soy-free route if you don’t want to just load the pizza with veggies.

I wish I had taken some pictures to share but it was eaten too fast!

For those that haven’t been to Paxti’s, take your friends. They have a super tasty Chicago deep dish pizza (NOT Buttercup friendly- but amazing for a west coast pizza place).

I know Amici’s also does a gluten-free crust but they use egg so it’s not vegan. Bummer. Mozzarella di Bufala in West Portal also has gluten-free now but i haven’t called to see what ingredients they use (I think it’s cornmeal but not sure about vegan/soy).


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