coming soon!

Buttercup has been accepted into the Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association! Wait listed.. and not sure exactly what that means in terms of time. However, I am super excited. A step in the right direction. Even if it takes several months.
Either way, this means really pulling everything together so I can be out there, seeing you all face to face!

The past week has been very exciting, learning all sorts of new ideas and tips for getting started as a new food business in the Bay Area.

This past Wednesday evening, I went to an orientation at La Cocina, a non-profit ‘incubator’ program for start ups such as myself. They helped Kika’s Treats become what they are today!

On Thursday I went to a benefit party for a group linked to WISE (Women’s Initiative for Self Employment). Another great non-profit that helps women start their own businesses. You may have heard of The Front Porch. Yea, they helped her get a start.

Although getting started the the Bay Area is hard for anyone, I am learning there is a lot of support out there. This week I’ll be confirming all the permits & licenses needed with City Hall. Maybe trying a new recipe or two.

Hope everyone is as excited as Buttercup! What sort of treats would you like to find at your local market?


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