Looking Ahead

Would wouldn’t love walking thru a farmer’s market on a sleepy weekend morning, to find a fresh baked gluten-free vegan treat waiting for them? I would think I’d died and gone to heaven. Upon my search for meaning in life and career, I’ve been doing much research into how to make this dream a reality.

Let me start by saying, this dream isn’t a nightmare, but it isn’t the most pleasant.

Applying for a permit to sell at any Bay Area Farmer’s Market is almost as much of an investment as finding a storefront. Let’s see, you’ll need:

  • application fee ($100)
  • weekly vending fee ($40-50/week)
  • business insurance (~$330/yr)
  • commerical kitchen space fee (about $40/hr)
  • health dept permit ($308)
  • canopy, tables, entire set up for market display including… ($$)
  • signage, packaging, ect ($)
  • to give up your entire weekend to prepare & sell (priceless)
  • last but not least- sell enough to make $$$ for (hopeful) profit

This past year at the Castro Farmers Market, a couple of well known vendors made weekly appearances. Yet, their products are already being sold in extremely professional packaging on shelves in Whole Foods throughout the Bay Area. You can find well established companies at local markets all across the city…. So, how does little ‘ol Buttercup get her start?

Last year I was very excited at the prospect of being a vendor at the SF Underground Market. Unfortunately, the last market they had was shut down by the Health Dept. Understandable but disappointing.

No wonder we don’t see too many ‘small’ businesses at the farmers market. California does not make that easy for up and coming businesses. Support local business, says who?

Alas, I’m on the search of something, or someone, wonderful. A business partner, someone that owns a gluten-free kitchen space (really? where are they?!), or a quaint little farmer’s market with minimal requirements….

Lemme know if you have any leads. We can discuss details while we share a mini blueberry pie made with love.



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