Don’t Kill the Birthday Girl


But what a good book (and catchy title!). I can’t imagine growing up with such severe food allergies that you can’t even touch milk. That’s what the author, Sandra Beasley, had to deal with.

Just getting into the book, I bonded with her immediately as she mentioned growing up watching certain cartoons and eating certain foods in Virginia. Both Southern-ish & around the same age, but different circumstances. Her humor adds to how much I enjoyed her ‘company’.

Beasley pokes fun at her food allergies to dairy, egg, soy, beef, shrimp, pine nuts, cucumbers/melons, macadamias, pistachios, cashews… whew… by saying she manages to out-fuss vegetarians when going out to eat. Then follows it with some lesson-learned seriousness:

Maybe they haven’t cursed me to a lifetime of boring meals. Maybe they’ve made me a natural born foodie.

One part I absolutely agreed with being someone that doesn’t eat gluten/dairy/eggs/soy:

I miss the ritual of brunch. I’ll never be someone who can whip up a proper brunch at home.

Weekend mornings can be especially difficult, but I offer to whip up something special (gluten free vegan pancakes?!) versus going out… or I usually go straight for lunch. Keeps me more full anyway but I feel her. Major kudos for a synopsis of her experience taking a cooking class with her husband. I won’t ruin the details but I admire her courage.


Lastly- my favorite quote of the book: A gourmet glorifies food as a gesture of love.

Cooking is my passion. I love sharing food I make with loved-ones. When you don’t know what to get someone- food is always a treat. After all, it’s necessary.




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