gluten-free holidays

The best gift I received this year arrived in the mail a few days before Christmas. I thought it must’ve been the gloves I lost in Seattle, but no! It was a wrapped present. So very sweet & thoughtful. Had we ever even exchanged gifts before?
Because in some ways I am traditional, I waited until Christmas day to open my gift- complete with a bow. My friends know me very well. Buttercup couldn’t ask for much more…

   Wow! A new cookbook from the owner of The Flying Apron bakery in Seattle. I didn’t even know this was out yet… and I can’t believe I didn’t see this while visiting in October.

Let me first just say, I had no idea how many holidays there were in a year. This cookbook hits everything in chronological order- starting with Thanksgiving of course. Followed by Hanukkah, Christmas, Valentine’s, even St Paticks, Passover, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween.. and a bonus Chapter on birthday cakes!

Without repeating any recipe’s from their original cookbook…

I highly recommend it. Will post more once I try some recipes.

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