Buttercup can never have too many…

Are you the chef of your household? Or are you still shopping around for the perfect gift for the chef close to you?

I probably own more kitchen gadgets/utensils/bakeware/you name it than most other folks out there.

Whoopie Pan?! Seriously I would’ve considered this item a luxury in the past. I might have even made fun of it a little… but now, it seems necessary. Making cookies for whoo(pie)s that are all the same size? Awesome! This is on my list. Hope I’ve been nice enough!



oxo dough blender This is the closest I could find like my mom’s pea green handled one from the olden days (no offense ma!). It’s perfect for using to make biscuits.. or pie crust when a recipe calls for ‘cutting’ an ingredient in, like vegetable shortening or coconut butter.



Vitamix! Winning! I highly recommend splurging on this handy dandy blender because it’s way more than a blender. You can whip up green smoothies, make your own pecan butter/cashew cheese, and really.. just about anything else you can think of. The Vitamix is amazingly powerful and comes with a 10 year warranty! You’ll be set for life!



Mixing bowls are so simple yet such a treat. I really love these clear bowls for taking things to gatherings. For baking, I have previously been using stainless steel bowls but I’m ready to upgrade. Can anyone say wish list?



Unique ‘oven’ gloves are soo freakin’ cute! Heart shaped with a little loop so the hang on your kitchen wall, looking like a heart. Then you slip your hand in the other side to make a very convenient & perfect pot holder. Best purchase I’ve made for myself… recycled materials too! I highly recommend getting the sweet deal & purchasing a set of 2.


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