.. the days are getting shorter with allergy foods around every corner!

Eventually one must get used to the time change you’d think. Dark around 5pm shouldn’t mean we all hibernate until morning but somedays it does. The holidays arrive and people get snuggly… and stressed.

But why on earth would anyone be stressed during a joyous time of year? Family coming in town? Making travel plans? Buying gifts? Figuring out what to buy? Making a grocery list? Oh yea?! Cooking? What about those holiday meals.. and parties?

Every family has their own traditions. Whether it means each year the group gathers at a specific aunt’s house or you do a potluck thing, complete with white elephant gifts. We should really all learn to take it nice and easy. Staring with a few (delayed) tips on surivving this holiday season with food allergies & sensitivities:

1) Don’t feel like you have to avoid all get togethers because lots of foods are on your ‘do-not-eat’ list! This only enables our feelings of being singled out, especially during such an important time of year.

2) Bring your favorite allergy friendly dish to a party! Make a batch of cauliflower mashed potatoes complete with coconut milk for a dairy-free version or bake/order a special sweet treat. Surprise people with how tasty “x-friendly’ food can be!

3) Eat a little something before you arrive. This is also a great tip for everyone. If we show up to a party feeling really hungry, we are more likely to overeat and be tempted by things we shouldn’t eat- whether we are allergic or not.

4) Be honest about your food allergies. It can definitely be hard to be completely open but it’s important for people around us to understand, especially for those with life-threatening allergies. For me, I know I don’t like feeling like a burden but I also don’t want to starve- or make myself uncomfortable if I eat something that doesn’t agree with my body.

5) Focus on friends & loved ones. Instead of standing around staring at the food, stare at the person next to you! Ok, well maybe not literally staring. But don’t forget to be engaged with what’s going on around you. Enjoy it all!

Lastly- if your allergies are like a less severe form of a sensitivity- try a digestive enzyme. These can be good for anyone actually! They will help you feel less bloated after over-indulging.

If you still need some help finding a great recipe, then don’t forget you can use the search feature on this site. Or if you are local (or not- I’ll ship), you can order some holiday treats to share!

  • biscuits
  • pecan pie
  • whoo(pie)s
  • cookies- snickerdoodle, chocolate chip, shortbread, or sunbutter (like peanut butter)
  • raw chocolates with choice of filling (coconut, chia or hemp seeds)
  • ice cream cake! Yes!
  • you name it- I’ll make it! Just email autumn@eatitupbuttercup.com


This Saturday I’ll be making some snickerdoodle stars, chocolate chip trees, and maybe some lemon hearts to sell  at The Crucible in Oakland. A Holiday Gifty Art Sale & Open House!


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