how time flies!

Happy Holidays!

Wait? What? How is it almost December? Oh right, Buttercup did a LOT of traveling, among keeping up with life in general, and then the holidays. Hope you all had an amazing, delicious Thanksgiving if you chose to celebrate.

This year was the first year I did ALL of the cooking, stayed at home, making everything from scratch. Amazing. On the menu:

  • green bean casserole with vegan cream of mushroom soup & homemade gluten-free crispy onions on top (just to mimic the traditional southern style everything is made from a can version)
  • gluten-free stuffing using Foods for Life millet bread & homemade veggie broth. Like whoa yum and I am not normally a stuffing person
  • cranberry sauce with freshly cut pineapple & apples (I make it every year!)
  • cauliflower potatoes
  • pumpkin pie

My oven was going forever, the sink was full of dishes, but it was the best feast I’ve had in a few years. Partially because of the love put into the meal, making everything from scratch and savoring every bite. Mostly because I knew I was eating healthy food with fresh ingredients, all gluten & soy-free & vegan!

Now for what I’ve been promising- a quick review of my trip to the Big Island. I’d been warned Hawaii wasn’t vegetarian friendly. They do like their pork. One eve’s activities included a luau. Exciting but not Buttercup-friendly…

Most of my meals came brought in my luggage (half a loaf of gf bread, raw granola, almond butter packets, ect) or picked up from Island Naturals, a super cute market with lots of vegan options. The gluten-free foods were a little more limited, especially finding vegan & gluten-free but I didn’t starve! Just check out all the deli items, snacks, & gifts I scored! Organic Kona coffee, smoked sea salt, fresh coconut water, papaya salad, coconut milk tapioca (didn’t even know I’d like this stuff!), raw macadamias, & spirulina popcorn with no weird ingredients like a familiar sea rover name.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it out to eat other than the resort restaurant, which definitely was difficult but every morning was started with the tastiest fresh papaya with lime. Yum. I’ll miss that. One morning I deviated, being the pineapple lover I am, but the next morning I was back making oogling eyes at that half papaya. Yum.

I definitely look forward to heading back to Hawaii- hopefully Kauai. For now, I’ll be happy to be back at home. Settling in. Reading a new library book I picked up. So far so good. Look forward to a review of Don’t Kill the Birthday Girl.

For my local fans- also look foward to finding Buttercup at The Crucible in Oakland. A Holiday Gifty Art Sale & Open House! Grab a treat & something sweet for the loved ones on your list this year.


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