oh Seattle, how I love thee…

If you have never been to Seattle, plan a trip. Quick! Ok, well it is entering the rainy season but the trees were the most gorgeous shades of orange, yellow, and red. Even growing up in a place with seasons, this Fall did not compare to anything I had ever seen.

Now let’s talk food- Seattle is like the food-allergic’s playground. There are numerous restaurants with gluten-free, dairy-free, nut or soy conscious menus. Whoa. I’ve never been on vacation and felt like I had options… or come back feeling like a gained weight… or actually missing going out to eat!

Buttercup’s favorite places in Seattle:

Cafe Flora– special dining treat/date place/hidden or not-so-hidden-gem. Don’t forget to try the Southern Sweetart to drink (earl gray infused gin with lemonade… oh my word delish!)
Eat the Portobella Wellington if you don’t have food allergies, anything else if you do. Seriously you can’t go wrong with this menu.

The Flying Apron Bakery– in Fremont. The neighborhood alone is worth traveling over the Fremont Bridge… but don’t forget to stop by for a gluten-free & vegan treat. They also have soups, sandwiches or mac-n-cheese that will have you doubting it’s veganess. Lucky me, they also have almond or hemp milk in addition to soy… as well as a pumpkin spice latte for the season. I drank it up!
While you are in the hood, be sure to walk thru the local natural market- PCC. They carry gluten-free treats by Wheatless in Seattle (clever name right?!) as well as some other fun local goodies and treats I haven’t yet seen in San Francisco. If you are a chocolate person, definitely stop by Theo. They are one of the very few brands that I’ve seen without using soy lecithin. Many are vegan. They had tons of samples out for the tasting as well as special holiday flavors you can’t find in stores.

Healeo– chocolate hemp soft serve. Boom. If you don’t remember anything else, find Healeo and Eat it Up! You get to choose 2 healthy toppings- hemp seeds & blueberries… or shredded coconut. This place really makes me want to buy a soft serve machine and practice. then open a spot similar to a blend of it and the Flying Apron. Major success, no? Healeo also has really really yummy soups that are perfect for the Seattle weather. If you are a green juice/smoothie person- you’ll be in heaven here. Of course, they also have hemp milk for more lattes!

Cafe Vivaci– while I’m talking coffee, which I don’t drink everyday but on vacation… it’s time to play! Yummiest Americano ever. No gluten-free treats but they did have some vegan muffins and stuff. Just a fun place to stop in if you are on Broadway in Capitol Hill. Don’t forget to find Jimmy.

Plum– great vegan spot if you don’t mind soy. A few gluten-free options. My friends loved their bbq tempeh & portobella. Worth checking out if you are in Pike/Pine. And why wouldn’t you be?!

Bluebird Microcreamery– beer floats. Ok, well the beer isn’t gluten-free but they have vegan ice cream! Not just chocolate coconut flavor- mint chip or peanut butter banana (which was amazing- did you hear that Elvis?!) The guy working behind the counter was super helping in pairing a beer with the flavors but you can also just get ice cream or a shot of espresso on top. Affogato style. Yum. I really wanted the german chocolate ice cream but no tummy ache is worth that.. or would it have been?

Tho I didn’t get to eat any pizza this trip- you can get gluten-free & vegan pizza at Romio’s or  Razzi’s. There is some name changing going on but when in doubt- just ask! It seems anywhere in Seattle can cater to our needs. How sweet!

While you are busy drooling over this post, imagine Buttercup in Hawaii plotting the next review! So if you’ve got any delicious places in mind, send me an email pretty please! autumn@eatitupbuttercup.com

Also stay tuned for a holiday feast menu and don’t forget you can order special treats anytime for your special events.


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