allergic substitutions

In a rut? Want to make some of your favorite dishes but just unsure how to make them happen?
Not that I consider myself a super chef by any means but I do have a few favorite dishes that require a little shifting in a non-allergic fashion… Here are a few of my favorite substitutions for dairy or gluten-containing ingredients:

love grits- try polenta!

missing risotto- use arborio rice!

craving a cream based soup- pour in a can of coconut milk!

mayo lover? slice some avocado on your ‘wich or a spoonful of hummus in your tuna salad

tho I don’t do tofu, it does make a mean scramble if you want an psuedo-eggs

The usual replacements are of course (in no particular order)- brown rice bread, rice pasta, hemp milk, almond milk, daiya cheese, ect.

See ‘these are a few of my favorite things‘ for specific brands. Hope you can find them in your area!

When all else fails- eat anything (allergy-friendly) anytime! I don’t usually eat breakfast type foods for breakfast anymore. Leftover dinner suits me just fine, and keeps me more full than cereal ever did.

If you have anything to add, please comment so we can all Eat it Up!


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