A book review: Allergic Girl

‘I love food.

I mean I really love food.

Some of my happiest and most satisfying, comforting, and sexiest memories have centered around the buying, making, and consming of food.

I hate food.
The prospect of going to a new restaurant sends me into a little panic.
What will I be able to eat?
What if I can’t find anything?
What if the server gives me the eye roll when I tell her about my allergies?
I despise not being able to pop anything I want into my mouth
without thinking about it.

Love, hate, dread, joy- my relationship to food is complex,
colored by both trauma and pleasure.

You too?

Thought so.’

Allergic Girl by Sloane Miller is a must read for anyone dealing with severe… or less than severe food allergies. It was a little too intense for relating to food sensitivities tho it had some really great take-home messages. As all great books begin nowadays (hang onto your hats!!!)… by blog… Sloane got her start here.

Sloane does a great job incorporating stories from her experiences with severe food allergies to nuts/shellfish as she shares advice & resources. The chapters start-off pretty basic, lots of tips about picking the perfect doctor for you, food allergy testing.. then moving onto more intense topics like anxiety around dining and relationships.

This leads to my favorite part of the book- topics including the importance of family acceptance, dealing with the less than understanding, and finding safe friends in an appropriately named chapter 5 ‘the loves of your lives’.

There is even a chapter sweetly named ‘your kiss is on my list’ about how to handle dating and potentially kissing a food-allergy infected mouth after dining. Whew. I feel so lucky that is not a concern of mine.


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