build me up, Buttercup!

Lately I’ve been so focused on healing myself to prepare for a half-marathon, I haven’t been writing very much on the blog. Well, that plan to run was put on hold due to mild tendonitis from my so-called shoes. Note to anyone out there planning on getting some Vibram’s- increase your mileage slowly and stretch it out!

Dan Lord at Chiro-Medical Group here in San Francisco is pretty awesome. He suits me up in a gorgeous kelly green rock-tape design along my leg/ankle while working out my tendons in utterly delicious fashion. The best part?! He’s also a gluten-free foodie! You can read his gluten-free athlete blog post here! My chiro & I are making great progress tho we aren’t sure if the injury is due to solely the shoes or an inflexibility in my hips, that showed itself after running in shoes that require excellent gait. It’s like the chicken and the egg… which came first?

All the while, I’ve been focusing on lots of stretches, strengthening, yoga and not as much baking. My diet has been anti-inflammatory, which of course still excludes gluten and dairy, but also lying low on the ‘sugar’. I don’t even use white sugar?! Oh well, I guess my priorities have shifted. At least I got a little kitchen pleasure while making the honey cake for a friend’s Rosh Hashanah dinner.

Overall life has been good. This downtime in the baking department has made way for lots of other kitchen fun, preparing other yummy meals like kitchari & pesto pizza on well-toasted brown rice tortillas. Yum! Let your imagination take over!

Stay tuned for my upcoming blogs- a book review for Sloane Miller’s Allergic Girl & how Buttercup greens!


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