my so-called shoes

Toe shoes? Who wants to wear those ugly things?

Apparently I do!

They are soo comfortable, I don’t even care how ugly they are.

Vibram 5 Fingers are quite possibly the most comfy thing I’ve ever had my feet in, with the exception of the awesome warm wet sand on the beach in Puerto Rico.

Random choice for a post, I know.. but it’s health related. I’m approaching my 30th birthday and want to stay awesomely healthy in all aspects. Physical health is more than just diet, but also exercise and lifestyle choices. Fashion has never been on the forefront of my brain.

I’ll start by also saying, I love running. Tho I’ve never signed up for a full marathon, I’ve run somewhere around 10 half marathons and lots of shorter races. Never for speed but just for fun and a little competitive timing from a previous run.

First I just wore my Bikila’s walking my dog around the neighborhood. Then I advanced to a 2-ish mile run in the neighborhood with the pup. My legs felt heavy, getting used to my soles hitting the pavement almost (in)directly. Then something happened. Not quite runner’s high but similar- barefoot runner’s high! I felt light and quick. Ready to keep running. This wasn’t the best idea because I was aware of the need to break the shoes in. I definitely did not want to injure myself. Thankfully I stopped when I did because my calves were talking to me the next day. That did not stop me. I still wore my shoes on a hike at Land’s End. And the next day on a long walk with my dog again. I just can’t get enough. Well, I do have my limits. I don’t plan on wearing them while I hang out on Valencia in the Mission.

However, I did wear them a couple of times while running on Valencia in the Mission. I’ve never been one to care too much what people think of me. Again, read third line from the top! While wearing my Vibram’s, I ran longer and faster up a hilly side of Dolores park than I ever have. Coincidence? It’s definitely the shoe. I was able to use my full foot to manuever and manipulate my toes, ball of feet, arches, and the concrete. Running 4 miles never felt so easy. Sure my calves are still getting used to the runs but I don’t even want to wear my Saucony’s anymore. Wow. Best purchase in a while.

While writing, I was listening to:


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