the road to recovery…

Celiac- negative!

Allergies- mimimal!

Food Intolerance Panel- none to egg, gluten, soy, cow dairy… huh?

These lab results are faking me out. On paper, I appear to be fully capable of eating almost whatever I want besides dairy, eggs, and bakers yeast. Weird. What on earth could the next step be? It just might be that time again. Time for a cleanse and a reintroduction. The way this blog started so time for a 6 month check up? Wow! It has been six months…

So what gives?

Apparently my hard work is paying off. And apparently allergies really are changeable. Thank you to all of my friends and family for supporting me and listening to me complain when I really wanted to eat something I shouldn’t. Thanks for not letting me give in. Thanks to Dr Cory for being with me on this journey beginning almost 2 years ago when my allergies were first diagnosed and helping me strengthen my body to where it is now today. I’m not even sure how many consults we had or how many different protocols we followed but here is a little snippet of how things went.

Over 2 years I have done a few cleanses, taken probiotics almost every day, avoided my sensitivities/allergens almost completely (yes- even Buttercup slips up),  drink 1/4 cup aloe vera juice daily, dry skin brushing, cold rinsing, (very reluctantly) taken several rounds of homeopathics to drain my liver and strengthen my gut, willingly done a complete blood count, stool sample as well as 2 food allergy tests and a food intolerance panel, used enemas during cleansing, eaten more veggies daily than I knew was possible, including raw green soups/juices, and contemplated giving up alcohol and coffee completely. Whew. Oh yea, I’ve also read several books on allergies, subscribed to Living Without magazine, bought a Vitamix, food dehydrator, food processor and nut milk bag, tried numerous recipes (of course many failed attempts at baking also) and meditated a handful of times to help clear my mind.

My body is still a work in progress. I still have mild reactions- an occasional rash or eczema, a little bloating, and even a chest cold. My immune system works! And it’s getting stronger!

If you are out there feeling hopeless, don’t give up. The way I see it, it took years for my body to build up any damage I caused,  so of course it would take years to heal. Find what works for you and stick to it. For some that may mean being even more strict than others. It will take time, money, passion, commitment, and hope. But I can say for sure- it’s totally worth it in the end. Naturally, I am going to keep up vegan & gluten-free baking as well as avoiding soy. This is a new way of life for me.

Because I’m a road to somewhere, and I’m glad to you came along-
while writing, listening to:


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