from the heart…

A few weeks ago I memo’d myself a message in my phone while waiting in the shade before heading down to the beach. People were walking by. I was sitting on the ground, staying out of the sun. My freckles needed a break. I needed a break. For the past several nights, sleep was at a minimum and allergy-friendly food required a scavenger hunt. Emotional? Maybe a little. Just a little something from the heart of Buttercup…

On vacation, I missed being in the kitchen but I didn’t crave sweets. Distracted by life. Soo many new revelations- I desire Desire. Not sweet nothings. 
I love what I do. Buttercup.

Sleep. Whole Foods. Colorful vegetables. Sunshine. Walks. Runs. Exercise. Life. Laughs. Harmony. Friendship. Freckles. Kisses. Music. Dancing.

Minimal drinking. The ability to say no. Only yes when I really mean it. Trying new things. Experiences. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable & look goofy.

No regrets. Just living. Loving. Life.


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