A review: Gluten-Free Reviewer Grocery

Gluten Free Reviewer Grocery in San Francisco. How long has this place been open? I had no idea until after visiting the store. Tucked back past Third Street in the Dogpatch hood of San Francisco, you’d almost look past this building if you weren’t on the hunt for gluten-free food.

Upon walking in, a family was sitting at a table in the middle of the store eating lunch. A couple had just walked in ahead of me. I was greeted with a hello and asked if I was gluten-intolerant. The owner proceeded to give me a quick tour with my permission. Most of the products were familiar but soo much easier to take it all in since the store is tiny. Of course they have the usual crackers and cereal, Enjoy Life chocolate chips, Udi’s & Rudi’s bread, some raw foods, as well as a refrigerated section for coconut milk, aloe drinks, milk substitutes and gluten-free breads, tortillas, and cupcakes.
If you are only eating gluten-free this store is great for you! However, if you are dealing with multiple-food allergies, it may not be everything you are looking for. The owner and partner are super knowledgeable and can answer any question you ask. They have a small stock of books and cookbooks for purchase and reference.
After getting a little more personal, I was very excited to learn that the owners are interested in opening a gluten-free (dedicated!) commercial kitchen space in San Francisco within the next 6 months! Wahoo! It all started very casually while I read the ingredients on some gluten-free vegan cupcakes that unfortunately were made with soy. This gave me the chance to plug myself as Buttercup. We chatted about our favorite types of sweeteners which encouraged me to try stevia more often.
Overall, I highly recommend making a visit to Gluten Free Reviewer Grocery at 600 Illinois in San Francisco. You will be warmly greeted by humans as well as a couple of loving pets, and some tasty samples if you wish to try. Be sure to check out the website because they review some gluten-free products and have some fun info on there too!


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