Buttercup is Back!

So I’ve been traveling… for fun! But it’s always a little bit for business. I get to check out allergy-friendly foods across the world anytime I decide to take a trip, anywhere! This time my vacation was spent with my best friends for their wedding. Usually I pack as if I am going camping, making sure to bring plenty of friendly food to eat along my way- granola bars, packaged food from Trader Joes, and whatever else sounds yummy at the time. Luckily- the aunt of one of the lucky newlyweds also eats gluten free and picked up some treats from Dee’s One Smart Cookie near Hartford, CT. Tho most of the baked goods weren’t vegan, the dinner rolls were egg-free and quite enticing. The texture was amazing and they smelled heavenly coming out of the oven (pre-cooked, just reheated- avoid that microwave!). However, I was slightly disappointed that the flavor was lacking. needed some salt, maybe some ‘butter’ too. The cupcakes looked really delicious as did the lemon bars and cherry crisp, which I allowed myself to take a bite of. What a bad example I am setting for the food-allergic but it was a wedding! I had to indulge, just a bit. It was gluten-free, afterall…

During my lovely week celebration/vacation, I bunked with a good friend that also eats gluten-free but is not vegan. At least we met (more-than) halfway and were able to stick together during mealtime. Power in numbers!

Some of my favorite meals along the way were at Frappo66 in Provincetown, RI. Yum. The best gazpacho. Ever. I don’t even like cold soups. But it was hot. And I have developed a taste for cool raw soups. It’s not a gluten-free place, nor a vegan place, but it is gluten-free and vegan friendly, with a patio. Bonus!

Karoo Cafe was recommended to me by a fellow traveler but the all-vegetarian menu had many soy/tofu items. I did not try it this trip but will keep it on the radar for next time! Also not completely gluten-free but they do have gluten-free bread and many gf options.

Finally, our trip had to come to an end. After the beach we headed to Boston for a Red Sox game. Very fun. Fenway Park serves Redbridge! I only found it at one stand, I believe on the main level. Good luck when you go. I asked one stand and they said they didn’t serve any gluten-free beer so I kept my eyes peeled since I knew ATT park in San Francisco had it as well. Tho Redbridge isn’t my favorite gluten-free beer (and paying $8 for a bottle is such a rip-off considering that’s what a 6-pack costs) it was really nice to enjoy a beer with friends and not feel left out.

The most disappointing restaurant adventure was planning a lunch visit to Peace o’Pie, an all vegan pizza place that claimed to have gluten-free crusts on Thursdays. How perfect! My last day was on a Thursday. Except when we called to confirm what time they opened, we found out they stopped serving gluten-free crusts the previous week due to some cross-contamination issues with their oven and the wheat crusts. Fail. Oh well.

Now I’m back at home, happy to snuggle my pup and cook up some food that I can Eat it UP!


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