all work & little play make Buttercup…

Life has been quite busy lately but very good.

This weekend I’ll be selling some cupcakes at Beyond the Fence at Mighty in San Francisco with Dr Cory, my ND. Every year she sells her party pax during Summer-fun-time for people heading out to Burningman or other events. I have personal experience with these pax and highly recommend them for protecting your body & continuing to have good healthy fun! Come pick up some pax and some gluten & soy-free vegan cupcakes a la Buttercup! I’ll be bringing some bite-sized-deliciousness in the form of Whiskey Buttercream filled Chocolate Stout mini cupcakes & German Chocolate mini cupcakes with Raw Coconut Pecan Frosting. Now if only there was a pax for over-indulgence in cupcakes…

Maybe try a digestive enzyme, probiotic, or a kombucha 😉

Now onto some visual indulgence! I’ve kept you waiting long enough! Don’t forget to check out my ‘Watch Buttercup in Action!‘ page or my YouTube channel for more vlog fun!


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