KIND bars?

I have a confession- I loved KIND bars. They are perfect for traveling and great for hikes. Unfortunately, once I found out about my food allergies I was limited to the flavors that did not have a milk ingredient. (all of them are gluten free but some contain milk or soy)

My staple purchase at Trader Joes, Whole Foods or sometimes Safeway became the KIND plus antioxidants- Cranberry Almond Flavor. Yum. Then they disappeared off the shelves for a while and came back sometime earlier this year with a vengeance! However, I noticed a new ingredient ‘soy lecithin’!
Had that been there all along?


Over the past few months I’ve stopped purchasing them. Partially because of my confusion with the ingredients and partially because I have reduced my nut consumption, making sure to rotate almonds/walnuts/ect. Every now and again I would still read the bars just to see and most of them included soy.

This weekend I decided to treat myself to a cranberry almond bar once I found a non-soy containing specimen, tho they do have sugar and honey. Hmm… they aren’t as nutritious as they seem, but again for traveling- awesome. I looked up the website and noticed the ingredients online do list soy, in addition to all the same ingredients on my label. So what gives? Seems unnecessary to have that added allergen. My proactive anti-allergen side emailed KIND to ask what was up with the ingredient change?

This was my response-
Thank you for contacting KIND Healthy Snacks and for your inquiry.

You may or may not know that we used to manufacture KIND bars in Australia and have recently begun to manufacture in the U.S. Due to the high quality of KIND bars and the fact that we use ingredients you can see and pronounce, it is not always possible to get the exact same raw ingredients in Australia as the U.S. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused you.

I hope you find this information helpful. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any additional questions or concerns, and I would be happy to assist you in any way.

KIND Regards

So here in the US we are limited to using soy ingredients? That’s basically what I got from this email. Hmmphf. It still doesn’t explain what ‘soy lecithins’ purpose is in this bar. I get it is typically a binder but my bar has a just dandy texture with the same base ingredients. The best part was the clever play on the word KIND.


5 thoughts on “KIND bars?

  1. Somedays it feels like America is just a lost cause.
    First, they outsource the manufacturing of the bar abroad so the ingredients may not even be kosher to what Americans are used to. (Like buying local honey to stick with familiar pollens…) Secondly, when did companies start to care about ingredients people knew how to pronounce? That’s a nice deflection for the real reason they’re bringing the bar back to America: to use cheap, filler ingredients! There’s just no winning!

    Thank you, Buttercup, for fighting the good fight. Bon appétit!

  2. Soy lethicin is an emulsifier, but I don’t know what they are emulsifying (?) If it is well-separated from the soy protein, is it possible it will not be an allergen?

  3. It depends on how sensitive a person it to soy I suppose. For me, I do react to the soy lecithin. Awaiting the results of an intolerance test and if soy comes back as an issue, that could make sense. Hm.. something to ponder…

  4. I remember when these were made in Australia. I found this post b/c I thought I was the only one. They had ingredients of food then, and were simply Kind. Now they’re still mostly food, but they have expanded to bizarre vitamin-enriched lines and weight-conscious (over fruit and nuts?!) sizes. They also absorb whatever trend du jour is in the offing, like pomegranate (Yanquis, we call it “Pom”) and social media—and what exactly is a “not-ONLY-for-profit business?” Their Wikipedia page is redolent of public relations chicanery.

    FYI, the mango macadamia (plus CALCIUM!) Kind Plus has no soy lecithin, and buying it will probably prevent a faraway kitten’s indigestion.

  5. I avoid as much soy as I can because I am a breast cancer survivor. Tumors feed on estrogen and guess what soy is???? AN ESTROGEN! I suspect food companies use it because it is cheap, not caring that there are MILLIONS of us who should not be eating soy!

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