a healthy life takes time

Time?! Who has time?

Being healthy takes time. Having food allergies takes time. I have to make time. I don’t go out to eat very often. Almost all of my meals are cooked at home. I go grocery shopping a couple of times a week, sometimes I get a CSA box but I can’t forget about my favorite farmers markets too.
Usually on Saturdays I go to the Alemany farmers market in San Francisco. My next favorite (ok, really my most favorite) is the Oakland Lake Merritt market but it depends on what is going on that day and how much time I have to bart over.
Sundays I am in my kitchen, making sure my veggies are washed, chopped, and ready to use. I’ve noticed that if I just throw the bags in the drawers, sometimes I forget to use things. Can I quickly mention that it bugs me that the drawers are on the bottom, out of our eyesite. It’s like the refrigerator companies have partnered with the grocery stores to maximize profit so we’ll either (1) eat crap or (2) have to rebuy veggies we may or may not eat because they always go bad before we remember we bought them.

Ok, enough ranting…

I really do love grocery shopping actually and I love cooking, so this all works out for me. I don’t have kids so I have a little more time. However, I do have 2 pets- including a dog that needs walks and playtime so I’m not completely carefree. I’m a caregiver in some sort of the sense.
Some weeks are harder than others. Sometimes I throw out leftovers because I live alone and maybe I don’t eat things as quickly as I should. Sometimes I open a can of beans because I forgot to cook something ahead of time or have a veggie ready to throw in  the steamer, sometimes I’m out of lettuce, and sometimes I don’t even want a salad. So convenience takes priority. When I’m hungry I don’t want to wait 40 minutes for rice to cook. Hell I don’t even want to wait 15 minutes for quinoa to cook if it’s been that kind of day.

Just a quick reminder that you are not alone.
Being healthy is hard, but stay strong friends!
Little by little, new habits turn into a fabulous life…


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