do you love your body?

Ah.. the day after a holiday. People are waking up after too much sun, drinking too much or eating too much. Most likely all three.
Yesterday I had to run to the grocery store to pick up some stuff for a cooking/nutrition class I’m teaching today. As I stood in line, I noticed the carts full of beer, hot dog buns, ground beef, frozen french fries, potato chips, and the usual bbq fare. But it got to me- I couldn’t eat a damn thing that I saw ahead of me.

I’ve been making peace with my body for the past year and half since I found out I had food allergies. Many months of back and forth, going without soy or gluten then trying it once or twice. Testing out a little potato starch even. What I have learned is that my body doesn’t want it. Oh, I’ve heard you loud and clear, self! Some days this makes me feel slightly bi-polar. I’m proud to make my own food and love being in the kitchen but also heartbroken by the thought of never eating pizza again. I’ve basically given up beer (and ice cream) which I never thought I’d be able to do, so the rest should be easy-peasy.

The other day I heard Dr Cory say ‘Don’t let your food allergies bring you down. If you are at a party and there aren’t any other options, you don’t always have to be so strict on yourself.’ I really wish that was true.

Luckily for some people, reactions can be light.

Luckily for me, I’m not anaphylactic.

However, having eczema that lasts for over a week is not worth a meal that lasts 20 minutes. Feeling sleepy and gross for days is not worth that tempting cookie. I’ve considering having a repeat food allergy test or even a celiac panel to try to scare me away from the everyday food temptations. Instead I think I’ll save my money and listen to my body. It tells me when it isn’t happy. So I’ll stick to what I know best- eating ‘Buttercup-friendly’.


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