do you love your job?

Sorry posts have been scarce. But now I’m back!

This past week I went to visit Bauman in Berkeley. If you haven’t heard of Bauman, it’s a holistic nutrition program offering a Nutrition Consultant or Natural Chef program. Also, if you haven’t heard my background is in nutrition.. I just love baking and cooking. My intention visiting the open house was to find out if the Nutrition Consultant program felt like a good fit for me. Earning my Bachelor of Science from University of Memphis didn’t give me that ‘holistic’ point of view I’m trying to make up for now. Tho I love being in the kitchen, I also love working one on one with people. Hmm… can’t I do both? Do I have that kind of time or money? No way! Is an extra degree necessary?

In the end I was more intrigued by the Natural Chef program!

Why didn’t I see that coming?

Hearing about the Nutrition Consultant program slightly bored me (no offense guys.. I’ve just been there, done that). To really make the chef curriculum more attractive, we wouldn’t just be exclusively learning how to cook but about nutrition therapy and why the ingredients we use are important for health! Score! The best part- all diets welcome!
Gluten-free?    Bring it!
Vegan?    No problem!

Ok, so I didn’t stand up and announce my crazy diet but I’m sure they appreciate a good challenge and a strong will…

After my visit, I did some searching online for similar programs. They are more scarce than my posts lately! The most popular in New York- the Natural Gourmet Institute or The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts in Austin, TX. Both amazing cities but twice as much in tuition as Bauman. I love cooking but I’ll keep teaching myself in my own kitchen!


Until I came across a small school in middle of nowhere North Carolina.
Who knew?
They have quite the offerings- sustainable agriculture and a natural chef program! It even offers different concentrations- Natural Health, Sustainable Kitchens, and Sustainable BAKING? Sold! Will Buttercup end up back in the South? Possibly temporarily. The thought sounds crazy but exciting. Can a small town offer me the same education and possibilities as California? Oh come on, I’m not that much of a snob. North Carolina is a pretty amazing state overall. How many HUGE colleges are located with a half hour radius of mid-state? Many! There are actually 3 Whole Foods all within half hour of one another. There is only one in Memphis. Just sayin’. Maybe there’s more than meets the eye with this little school. They even offer a wine tasting and appreciation class. Even a cooking class focused on creating healthy meals for prenatal and postpartum women and their families. The possibilities seem endless. This is not helping me focus.

Sometimes in our lives we feel unsure about the paths we are on or which direction is next. Sometimes, we are perpetual students. When I’m in school, I want out. When I’m out, I’m looking for the next thing to learn. Maybe I should just find some cool cooking classes? Would they be ‘Buttercup-friendly?’ Probably not… so that puts me back full circle. That’s why I’m here, right?! To provide the rest of the world with awesome allergy-friendly treats and who knows if I’ll go to chef school or where that is going to lead for the future. For now I’ll just keep baking and sharing with you!

Stay tuned! More videos coming very soon…


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