a letter to myself…

Last night after yoga I did a writing activity that I really felt like sharing. Over the past year and a half, I’ve definitely hated my body at some points for being allergic to many things. Finally, I’ve reached a place where I’m embracing these new changes and can’t imagine turning back.

Dear self,

I’m sorry for not allowing me to be completely comfortable with you. After all you’ve done for me… I know how hard you work. Feet, you are so strong for carrying me around everyday. Legs have the stamina to keep going when my mind doesn’t. Core you hold everything in place. Arms you give me all that I can reach and desire. Of course, thank you to my head for allowing me to see the beauty of the world and in myself.
I am sorry I don’t always take the time to get to yoga. I apologize for all the times I’ve eaten food I know you wouldn’t like. Your message has been heard loud and clear. To my ever faithful, always beautiful body, I love you. Continue to be the powerhouse you are while I learn to treat you like the queen that you are.

Sorry for unloading the majorly hippy vibes on you tonight.. but try it. You might like it.


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