Buttercup travels!

Man feels like I haven’t been here in a while? Sorry if you’ve been missing me 🙂

Tho my vacation was amazing, it’s hard to travel with food allergies! First stop was San Juan, Puerto Rico where I met my parents. Included in my suitcase was some Trader Joe’s packages of precooked rice, garbanzo beans with cumin, and an eggplant indian thing. Normally I’m not a big fan of pre-cooked meals or too much processed food but I consider this a little less ‘processed’ and a necessity. They were actually tasty, cost about $4 and fed me 3 times, great to have on hand in your emergency kit! Having been to Puerto Rico before, I remembered how non-vegetarian friendly it is. Not to mention there isn’t much organic food. Luckily the first time, I wasn’t dealing with food allergies so now I had no idea what to expect. Day 1: I already tore open the package to make lunch after my red-eye! The first evening, my parents and I went to the grocery store to get some rice milk, bread, and a few other staples. The isles had sections marked ‘natural and organic’. Helpful indeed. Very few gluten-free options but considering rice, beans, and veggies are normally gluten free, this was pretty easy. Meals after that weren’t soo bad. I ate my weight in plantains, felt overly stuffed by the time they expanded in my stomach but enjoyed all of it. The most memorable thing I had: a coconut mojito. Seriously. Amazing.

One of the most fun things my parents were willing to be dragged along to was the (maybe only) farmers market and definitely the only organic farmers market on the island, in Old San Juan. www.mercadoagricolanatural.com

I can’t speak for other cities, but compared to San Francisco, it was very small but so very cute! There was live music, coconuts for purchase, a raw food table, and even a woman that had imported Alter-Eco chocolates and quinoa! They were selling super cute posters and canvas shopping bags with the logo… nice souvenir. Better than a magnet for sure!


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