a review of the brews…

One of the saddest moments in my life was learning I had a food allergy to dairy 😦 Ice cream was my best friend! What next- wheat?! Beer has gluten?! That’s my next bestie! Ice cream & beer know how to make this girl happy 🙂

So that was a bit dramatic, but seriously, at least there is Coconut Bliss to replace ice cream and it’s much better for me. But beer? It’s hard to find a suitable replacement!

As far as I know, I’ve tried every gluten free beer I could find. That’s right, any and every gluten free beer in the Bay Area as well as one in Seattle. I’d even show some love to the lighter brews. So let me preface this by saying I love darker beers. New Castle on tap makes my mouth water. Downtown Brown makes me swoon. However, I ‘grew up’ drinking Budweiser. Haha… a product of the South I am, so it went hand in hand. I never liked Bud Light. A girl has standards.

So while this is my review of the gluten free beers out there, you are totally free to disagree. Everybody is different and that’s what makes the world go round! I also want to say how much I do really LOVE all of these beers, actually the brewers, for even making gluten free options! I’ve even considered getting into home brewing just for kicks. Cheers to those ambitious drinkers out there!

The beers are listed in the order in which I tried them, as best as I can remember. They have all been found at Whole Foods in San Francisco unless otherwise noted.

St Peters Sorghum was the first beer I tried. First I saw labeled as gluten-free. The beer is pretty tasty. Mild hops, easy to drink. I’ve purchased St Peters more than once tho it can get pricey. Another plus- the bottle makes  a cool vase.
*the link isn’t to St Peters main page but another blog with a more extensive review. Yum. I know we’re all big kids out there so if you really want to find out more about St Peters, we know how to use Google.

Redbridge is a light beer. Made by Anheuser-Busch. Sorghum makes for a lightly sweet flavor. It’s easy to drink but leaves something to be desired, at least for me. Usually would never drink more than one. Probably won’t purchase this brew again.

Bard’s. I love Bard’s. Mostly because inside the cap is always a delightfully funny thought to ponder while you sip your beer. ‘Do telemarkers have an evil laugh right before they dial?’ Good stuff. Also sorghum, a little sweet again, but heartier. Love to pour in it a frosty pint glass.

Green’s Gluten Free Amber Ale. Probably my favorite. Coincidentally it’s the darkest. More hop-py, still a little sweet, and filling. Yum. Hold the phone tho! The website there are NEW dark & brown ales! This list might just be updated if I can ever find those beers… maybe I need a vacation to the UK!

Green’s Triple Blonde Ale. Too light for my tasty. Still hop-py and even more sweet. Tasty on a hot day but not my top choice. Since my beer choices were limited, I decided to go ahead and try this one even though ‘blonde’ isn’t my cup of tea, joe… beer 🙂 If you like wheat beers like Blue Moon, you’ll probably enjoy this one. Maybe I should try it with a lemon!

Estrella Daura confused me at first… the cute 4 bottle pack says on the label ‘has gluten levels of less than 6 ppm’ and I just read this on the website: ‘…much lower than the 20 ppm recommended for people with coeliac disease by the World Health Organisation.’  Very interesting, I never thought about whether the other beers have trace amounts of gluten. Hmm…. anyway, this beer was just ok. It’s been awhile and at that point, I didn’t have a blog nor was I taking notes so I have nothing memorable to report. I obviously didn’t rebuy it but I don’t remember hating it.

New Grist. Not for me. I tried this in Seattle while enjoying some gluten free pizza. The pizza was the best part of the experience. It’s like the Bud Light of gluten free brews but I don’t even think it claims to be low calorie. It’s just a really light beer without a ton of flavor from Milwaukee.

Two Rivers Cider Co. Delicious! I am not a cider person. Tho I might like a sweet treat, I don’t like a sweet beverage. My friend took me to Toronado in Lower Haight (San Francisco just in case you didn’t know) in specific search of this cider. I’ve only tried the pomegranate flavor (on draft!)  but really looking forward to trying more. The cider had the perfect balance of sweet, fruity, and a bit bubbly. The company doesn’t use preservatives so you can also feel a little better about imbibing this adult beverage.

The following two brews I found while looking for links but have not found them in person… have you?

New Planet Gluten Free beer is only sold in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming so far. I’d give it a go. 

Nickle Brook appears to be a Canadian brew. Not great reviews from what I could find online but I’d still try it. Once, twice, three times if I liked it.

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