miniature diasasters

Lately I’ve realized how come there is a lack of gluten-free vegan goodies around- it’s costly in time & money, as well as energy! As I read other blogs & cookbooks, I am at least comforted to know I’m not the first person to throw out a batch of cupcakes. Most other treats come out tasty but cupcakes are difficult without eggs. Now I am perfecting the perfect flour combo with almond flour, rice flour, and arrowroot starch, which works well for my chocolate zucchini cakes but these lemon cupcakes aren’t working for me. I’ve also been naive enough to use a certain unnamed flour type, even when it was specifically not-recommended, and been upset with the results, leading to being upset with myself.

But really, these ‘miniature disasters’ are learning processes. Experiences. Such is life. And we still go on.

I feel like I’m on the verge of something great. An empire. If you are reading this out there, then you must be somewhat interested. I know there are more people out there looking for healthy, safe goodies to eat!

This weekend I visited a friend in Davis. We drove up to Sacramento so I could check out The Gluten Free Specialty Store! Wahoo! A mom approached me to ask which flour mix I preferred. I told her I make my own and don’t buy mixes, especially after being disappointed by the couple I have tried, by the same unnamed brand. She replied that she (also was disappointed with the unnamed brand) and doesn’t love cooking but wants her son to eat. Isn’t that the truth. I feel so lucky to LOVE cooking. Lucky to make time for cooking. Sometimes I say I feel defeated, aggravated, and upset this is difficult. Who am I kidding? I do love a challenge!

For anyone interested in checking out the Gluten Free market- I do recommend it. Found a few things that I haven’t seen in the city. Enjoy Life bagels aren’t that bad. Also got some tempura breadcrumbs with no soy oil, eggs, or weird ingredients. Can’t wait to batter up some vegetables!

On another update for those local- Sugar Plum Vegan Cafe has a really nice patio. I tried the Autumn Chopped Salad. Super yum! My friend had the ‘Tuna’ Melt that apparently won an award at the Veg conference or something. She highly recommends it. They sell their baked goods at Rainbow in the city and I’ve liked all I’ve tried. The owner is considering a second spot in SF if she can find a backer… so if anyone knows someone with $$ & a love for vegan foods- find her! Sugar Plum also does a Red Velvet cupcake- not GF 😦  The only downside for me.

Thanks for letting me rant. Up next I’m still culminating a review of brews! Yum.

I’ll end on a happy note that I did have luck making praline pecan bars! The bottom is a shortbread, topped with praline pecans. Part of the shortbread batter I used to make ‘pecan sandies’. They turned out really tasty but not as sweet as the real thing, which I prefer… yum! At least Buttercup knows her cookies…


3 thoughts on “miniature diasasters

  1. WOW! I love Sugar Plum Vegan Cafe. Do they still make that sweet potato and avocado sandwich? That was too yummy! Your pecan sandie looks incredible. I’d love to take a bite of it!

  2. Mmmm…. thank you! I didn’t see that sandwich on the menu but maybe they did still have it. Since I’m gluten-free I looked passed the sandwiches to avoid the temptation 🙂

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