a work in progress

My last blog was pretty comprehensive but didn’t really follow up on how I’ve been since the food allergy test, just in case you are even curious.

My allergies have dramatically decreased. I haven’t felt the need to take any Claritin in quite a while. After making the dietary changes during the first year, in 2009, I was hardly sick. Towards the end of this past year, 2010, wasn’t quite as easy. I had a sinus infection type thing once a month, about three times. As it turns out, I had been dabbling in gluten-free baking quite often and eating potato more often (potato starch makes for excellent gf goodies!). I never imagined potato was the enemy. After an elimination diet, a baffling process, and a night eating pop chips- it hit me like a truck! potato! So it was added to my list of no-no’s and then reintroduced a couple of weeks later. Eczema. Itch. Yuck. No potato for me.

If you are thinking about a food allergy test, I do highly recommend it. An elimination diet is truly the best way to diagnose yourself. It can be quite challenging but you get the real experience of knowing which foods make you feel which ways. Dairy- mucous. Wheat- bloating. Soy- tummy aches. Potato- eczema. Sometimes they overlap which is really not fun.

The results of the food allergy test have honestly put me in the best health I’ve been my entire life. It’s forced me to cut out processed foods, which I never ate too many of anyway. And think about it- I’m not missing much nutrition from a potato. My mom may argue that I’m missing something from wheat and dairy, but there are plenty of grain substitutes- brown rice bread, quinoa, ect. Most vegetables have plenty of calcium, especially leafy greens and broccoli. I still drink coconut milk, almond milk, and hemp milk.

Some other changes I’ve made- drinking a daily shake with coconut milk, flax oil, rice protein powder, Billy’s Infinity Green’s, and sometimes half a banana or another fruit. Everyday I take a probiotic and try to remember my vitamins 🙂

One amazing change I’ve noticed- I am wearing jeans that I couldn’t wear 4 years ago, even 2 years ago! First, pants just started to fit better because I wasn’t bloated. Funny thing is I never paid much attention to the continued weight loss until a good chunk of my clothes didn’t fit anymore! Guess it’s a good thing I held onto my ‘skinny’ jeans. I weigh just a little less than I did almost 5 years ago, a total loss of around 13-15 pounds from my heaviest weight. Without even trying. My exercise hasn’t increased. I’m almost 30 and actually loosing weight. If that’s not motivating for some people, I’m not sure what is. The only change I’m still waiting on is not-dry skin. So I’ve added aloe vera juice to my daily routine. Progress will be updated!

Making the move to be healthier is difficult, no doubt. Luckily I’ve had time to spend in the kitchen preparing my meals and I enjoy cooking. But that’s not the case for everyone. Small steps lead to progress. Follow me along the way!

Stay tuned- coming up is my list of favorite products, supplements, and superfoods!!

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