You are what you eat?

Anyone out there seen Food Inc? May I Be Frank? I’m sure most have heard of these movies, including author Michael Pollack. The next book on my list to read is  The End of Overeating. Sounds like a self-help book for compulsive overeaters, but it’s actually about the American food system and how it sets us up to over-consume.

Do you read nutrition labels? The best foods for us don’t actually have labels: vegetables, fruits, ect.

My nutrition label would read something like this:
No Trans Fats!
Sugar-Free (ok most of the time- don’t count brown sugar or agave)
Soy, Dairy & Gluten-Free since 2010
Potato-Free since 2011

Hope I don’t have to add anything to that list. Actually though, lately it’s gotten easier. I used to think I was healthy but now I feel like my food sensitivities are just a way of my body trying to tell me something. What I was eating really wasn’t that good for me. Veggie burgers- processed soy. Usually non-gmo stuff but I certainly wasn’t eating sprouted wheat or fermented soy products exclusively.

Why is soy in everything? How about gmo-corn and wheat? Have you heard about the new plan for gmo-alfalfa? Scary stuff. Here’s a very easy to read article overviewing this horrible plan.

GMO (Genetically Modified Organism, sounds a lot like UFO, right?)-Corn, Grains, & Alfalfa are being fed to livestock which in turn, ends up in most humans. So unless you are buying organic, free-range, ‘happy’ meat then you are still exposing yourself to hormones, chemicals, and other junk. It’s not enough to just eat organic produce.

What’s most scary about this change is that alfalfa pollen will travel by air, bees will cross contaminate. So organic farms will be exposed to this GMO grain after all. Why is the USDA not better at protecting us? Just like healthcare, it’s all a business. Why on earth would I want to be a Dietician? Baking is clearly better off for me. I don’t really agree with the ADA or the USDA, how about ANMA?  (American Dietetic Association, United States Department of Agriculture, and American Naturopathic Medical Association for those unaware)

My posts have definitely gotten a little more wholistic lately but I’m just looking out for what’s best for all of us! I don’t want to live a long life if I’m not healthy and strong. Instead of being an 80 year old that can barely get around, I want to be able to take care of myself.

Remember the beginning of this blog? Knowing that I have been exposed to GMO & non-organic foods definitely increased my desire to do a cleanse. Detoxing and rebooting the system is essential. If our livers are full then they can’t continue to process the crap we continue to expose ourselves to. Ok, I’m going off on another tangent Hope you get the point.

Eat it Up, Buttercup has a new mission- not just gluten free vegan goodies, but whole food goodies. Cutting out potato starch and corn products is a good start. Organic and non-gmo has always been a standard, but I’m taking it a step farther.


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