meditation, manifestations, & intentions

How many days do you think you actually remember out of the past year? What makes an unforgettable day? Isn’t it amazing if you really stop and think about it, even after a great vacation, what actually stands out?

The main thing I’ll remember from visiting Puerto Rico is having the opportunity to hold a baby sea turtle. Amazing. In the past week, I tried my first Kundalini yoga class. What else? Hmmmm….

My intention for this next year and beyond is to live each day with full awareness. When something magical happens, I want to stop, maybe even declaring to own this memory. Don’t you want to live life to the fullest and remember every fabulous detail?

Part of living with intention is being really clear on what I want out of life. Something (semi)-new to me is the manifestation process. It’s soo easy to just say ‘I want to be happy’ but with manifesting you have to be really clear on specific purposes, outcomes, jobs, or in my case, an amazing apartment. Depending on what kind of person you are, start by making a list of what you want. For example my perfect apartment list is dog-friendly, mold-free, complete with a bathtub (not just a shower stall), stove, big windows, and located in a self-sustaining neighborhood with restaurants, a market, and public transportation. The point is- feel free to be as picky as you want! I’m learning it’s ok to ask for what you want and know that you can have it. If I only think negative thoughts, I’m certainly  not going to have a positive outcome.

Along with all of these goals I want to be completely in love with my life and myself, so that I can be completely open to the idea of loving someone else. Not just Linus, my dog. If you are in the market for a ‘soulmate’ or partner then you can google The Law of Attraction. There are all sorts of processes included collaging, writing activities, and meditation.

Which brings me to the newest addition to my life (well, in no particular order according to this blog title). Meditation. How the hell did I get here? Thanks Bay Area. You really have brought out the hippie best in me. Maybe I should start by first thanking my mom. After all, my name is Autumn 🙂

This pre-30 year of my life, otherwise referred to as Saturn Returns, started rather rough. I questioned everything in my life and it did not feel good. Quickly, I learned to take action into my own hands. I’m trying things on for size. Trying all sorts of new things to see how they feel. I’ve always loved yoga, but savasana a little difficult. Clearing the mind is just not easy. However, I’ve tried a breathing class that is really powerful. (Check out Stephanie Jones @ the Hanuman Center on 18th St in the Castro if you are local). I also went to a Chakra dance at the Hanuman Center that really lifted my spirits and helped me release a lot of tension and judgement on myself. Part of both of these processes is allowing the mind to quiet, not completely clear, so that we can receive messages from the body to help guide us through these crazy times. This may be a bit much for some of you out there- but during my second breathing class I actually had a visualization of myself getting proposed to on the beach. Now if you know me, you probably know I’m not in a mad rush to get married. So for me this was a complete shock! I almost felt like I was falling asleep during the class, which made me feel a little bad, then this vision popped in my head of me splashing around in the ocean, laughing, and turning around to a ring in someone’s hand (couldn’t see the person). Totally weird. The first class did not have this affect on me and I wasn’t sure I’d go back. Something inside me said to try it again. I went with the intention of getting clarity of my career plans, my vision of Eat It Up, Buttercup! Guess I got more than I bargained for. I’m planning to go back again.

Are you up for the challenge? Living each day to the fullest, loving with all of your heart. Even eating mindfully, not with the tv on. Tasting each bite and savoring every moment.


If you live in California, you’ve got to be open; if you’re not they pry you open.

~Frank Ferrante (May I be Frank?)



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