will work for lemon cake

Today I’m feeling defeated. I’ve been craving lemon cake… like pound cake. So I decided to be bold and make some. No potato starch, sub arrowroot starch. It’s the second time I’ve used it, and in all honesty- I’m done with you arrowroot! We are over! You are no better for me than potato!

My lemon cake batter tasted amazing. The cake smells good, looks good, even has good flavor. But the texture- slightly gummy. Not much better than using brown rice flour alone without any starches. I think I’m going to just move along to using higher protein flours, like almond and coconut. They are really delicious and usually always turn out. Just a little more expensive and more calories.

This afternoon I’m going to pick up a copy of the Almond Flour Cookbook from the library. Yum! It’s not a completely vegan book. I think she does use eggs and dairy, but I hope it will have some good hints. Details will of course follow.  http://www.elanaspantry.com/cookbook/#reviews

While I’m on a rant, I’m also disappointed that the egg replacer has potato starch it in. Good thing flax seeds mixed with a little warm water make a good replacement. There’s always something new to this baking adventure. I’m not the type of person to let things hold me back though… so watch out world!


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