breaking the cleanse…

Who knew eating again after a fast/liquid diet could be so difficult? Having only juices wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought. One night for dinner I have a spoonful of raw almond butter because it was 9pm, I was hungry, and the thought of drinking one more thing already had my head full of visions of me waking up 3+ times to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. I did not want that.

I felt lighter, actually very energetic, and clear headed. Again, this isn’t some lemonade cleanse. Four times a day I drank a rice/pea protein shake so there was a sufficient amount of protein and vitamins circulating in my body. The other times I was drinking homemade juices or broths, along with some tea. Definitely a good flush out for my kidneys!

Two days ago came the reintroduction of food. Having done a cleanse before,  this shouldn’t have been terribly challenging. As much as I really wanted food, I was equally as uninterested in it. Hmmm… 2 days before liquids I had been just drinking the shakes and eating soup along with a light snack at some point. Technically I started this liquid phase early because I just was not very hungry. In my mind, it seemed only reasonable to do something similar, to create a symmetrical effect.

In the morning I had half a green apple that was leftover from making juice. As recommended by my ND, I sliced it up and took single bites allowing the delicious apple juice to be made between be teeth during each bite. Maybe I should have timed this process? Either way, I did not feel the desire to eat more after a half an apple. Who knew?

Over the next couple of days, I have had a salad and more soup. At this point soup does not sound appealing anymore! Especially combined with the fact, it is no longer cold oustside! Yay!

The last couple days of a cleanse are really the hardest. I have re-entered the world of eating. I can taste a sip of coffee on my tongue. Those cupcakes I look forward to making this weekend are already crumbling in my mouth. Let’s be serious though, they are gluten-free, vegan, agave sweetened. Isn’t that cleanse friendly? Can I have one now? Please?


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