another day… another cleanse

Hmm… all this talk about baking & food is quite difficult while one is doing a cleanse. At least I’m on my final day of liquids. What should I eat first?!

Anyone out there ever done a cleanse?

This is not my first cleanse. It is much easier the second (or third) go round. Especially considering I already avoid a good chunk of foods out there, including processed foods since I make almost everything I eat, and don’t drink much caffeine.

This is also a decent cleanse since you actually get to eat! It’s not some crazy cayenne lemonade crap (no-offense intended!). I’m doing Dr Cory’s Essential Cleanse. Dr. Cory is my ND and has been an amazing influence on me and my health. Just in case anyone is interested,       She also does food allergy testing. Ok, I’ll end the cross promotion 🙂

I guess I keep cleansing, even though it’s hard sometimes, with the hopes that my body will be so clean, my intestinal system will be strong enough, so that I can enjoy wheat or maybe even soy on occasion. I don’t really miss either, but it would definitely be easier to not be a label sleuth.

I love food! That’s the problem! I love to eat! I want to try a little bit of (almost) everything!

~looking forward to sharing more with you all


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